Field Experience/Student Teaching

Field Placement Office: (fax #: 215-571-4270)

PA Clearance Policy, Forms, and Procedures:

Stages of Field Experiences:

  • Field Experiences Overview – (Graduate level)
  • Please be advised that Student Teaching must be completed in an appropriate American Public/Charter school, or an approved International school whereby English is the language spoken in all classrooms and the school is following PA Department of Education and US Department of Education guidelines. In addition, field placement candidates should have access to appropriate school settings for field placements which include working with students with special needs and students whose first language is not English.

Field Placement Application Procedures (Graduate):

STAGE 1 & 2 Classroom Observations & Explorations:

STAGE 3: Pre-student Teaching (UG & GR)

Please be advised of the NEW Pre-student Teaching application and deadlines to apply! (see below)

The pre-student teaching field experience/s are associated with the following methods courses (UG/GR):

  • PreK-4 Program:
    • Math Methods EDUC 317/517
    • Early Literacy: EDUC 336/529
  • Secondary Program:
    • Science Methods EDUC 314/514
    • Math Methods319/519
    • English 358/538
    • Social Studies 356/556

Stage 4: Student Teaching (UG & Graduate)

Online Student Teaching Orientations:

Student Teaching Forms (For Cooperating Teachers and Site Supervisors):

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