Withdrawal Deadline for Winter term TODAY at 4pm

Last day to withdraw from Winter Term is today at 4pm.

Course withdrawals are not permitted after the end of the 6th calendar week of classes. The last day to withdraw from a Winter 2011-12 course is Friday, February 17, 2012. Should you need to request a course withdrawal, please notify your instructor(s) and advisor via email of your plans.  You must also follow through with a scan/email or fax of a completed and signed Add/Drop/Withdrawal Form to your advisor before Friday at 4pm (EST) of the week (6th) you seek to withdraw from a course(s). When you receive a response from your instructor, please forward it to your advisor. 

Please be advised: A Withdrawal can negatively impact your (SAP) Satisfactory Academic Progress and future financial aid eligibility! 

  • You can choose to submit the Add/Drop/Withdrawal Form via scan/email or fax (215-895-5879) to your Advisor before the appropriate deadline.  Please use your Drexel email account when conducting Drexel business.  Add/Drop/Withdrawal Form may be downloaded at http://www.drexel.edu/src/forms/default.html.
  •  If you are receiving financial aid, you must maintain the minimum credits for your status to remain eligible.  If your term credit totals change at any time, you must submit an updated Institutional Financial Aid form to the Financial Aid office.  If you have questions about financial aid or need to obtain forms, please go to the financial aid website for all information. http://www.drexel.edu/financialaid.
    • Undergraduate (part-time= min. 6credits and full-time= min.12 credits)
    • Graduate (part-time= min. 4.5 credits and full-time= min. 9 credits)


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